About the Natives
Native - adj. 1. of or characteristic of the original inhabitants of a place. - n. 1. one of the original inhabitants, especially as distinguished from strangers.

Creative - adj. 1. resulting from originality of thought or expression 2. productive, generative or inventive 3. stimulating the imagination.

The NativesOur designers are native to the web and speak the language of the jungle they live in. Our "Tribal Council" does not simply rely on the medicine man to do it all, but works actively to create the magic you see. We also understand the language of corporate culture and will create your website as an extention of your corporate image.

Ghost Writers Much of the work we've done up to now has been for other Web developers who want to give their clients the best of quality, but have limited resources at their disposal to draw upon.

Now this talent, available before only behind the scenes, has been made available to you. You will benefit from serious strategic, creative and technical production services with just the right touch of adventure!

At Native Creative we work as a team under the direction of a senior webmaster. We work together on a freelance basis as individuals who love what we do. As a cooperative effort, everyone shares in a project as "owners", but are allowed anonymity. The identity of these designers and programmers is kept confidential. Many of them work for large corporate entities who take issue with their employees doing freelance work on their own time. You've probably even seen some of their work in magazines or on TV. In the spirit of freedom through the principles of free enterprise, we provide an environment where these artists' talents can come together with their peers' and flourish. At Native Creative they can remain anonymous, yet still have the ability to work for themselves and have the creative licence to design something "really cool"!

And...as a tribute to all things "really cool", check out this animation we've included for your viewing pleasure. Rumour has it, that this is actual footage of one of our very own natives experiencing some creativity at an early age. It's about 187K in size and you'll need Real Player from Progressive Networks to be able to see and hear this gem.


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